About The Tele-Resource Center
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Why Holistic Consulting and Research?
The average health care provider, organizational manager or consumer lacks the resources to fully investigate either new ways of seeing and doing tings, or the providers of such perspectives and techniques. Conventional medical and other providers also simply lack the time and background to make sense of, and develop practical applications of, what they were not taught in school. And simply approaching an unknown practitioner will naturally result in a biased presentation regarding their services. TRC, however, has been on a years-long search for safe, effective solutions, and in the process, has found that the likelihood of success is much higher if (1) you emphasize gentle, natural remedies over harsh, artificial ones, and (2) you match the individual to the proper modality. Blending these two factors allows us to develop a compilation of alternative interpretations of, and approaches to, your condition. We then work with you, your provider or your staff in identifying and implementing the most affordable, effective and practical modality for your needs.

Charles has been immersed in studying alternative medicine, systems and thought, both formally and independently, for over 15 years. He minored in Holistic Health and Wellness Education, with a major in General Studies. His multi-disciplinary para-professional background, intuitive insight and quick grasp of complicated situations enables him to work easily with a variety of specialists and fields. He is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and a medical intuitive who is adept at sensing the location and source of a client's distress, as well as its solution. Charles utilizes an extensive database, library and other resources to keep at the cutting edge of emerging research on holistic applications and to quickly access needed information. In addition to working with personal and environmental health concerns, he has also consulted with the Community College of Denver in designing a holistic curriculum for at-risk students who experience learning difficulties.


Difficult, Resistant and Unresponsive Conditions
The most rewarding result of our studies has been in learning that there are solutions for people who have been unable to obtain help or hope through conventional measures. We have seen that, too often, the only reason people have been failed is that their providers have beeen looking in the wrong direction and been too inflexible to look elsewhere. The literature and techniques pertaining to healing are readily available to anyone with sufficient motivation, openness of mind and knowledge of where to look; but it is minimally mentioned in the professional literature.
Email: Charles@gatewayhealing.com